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Missing Him THEME BY: ©YAM16
Made for sнίинωαcнαиġjo™ (신화창조)




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Members’ messages to Eric after they played a hidden camera prank on him.

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Shincom on Readernim’s Dating News…..

“I’ve always had the feeling of gratitude towards the fans before, but as we get older year after year, we feel more appreciative and grateful towards the fans, so I feel like the members are promoting closer than ever.” - Junjin

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Start with Andy’s Heart Dance


Minwoo does the jump heart


And then Hyesung does it too


Eric does the ballet


Then they urge Hyesung to do his signature Crab Dance


Eric want it to be professional so do it all as a group



Suddenly, they basically say to SHCJ to GET SERIOUS NEXT SONG IS BALLAD!




Next song is ANGEL


They are such a good atmosphere creators =.=!

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[FANACCOUNT - THE BIRDS] 140101 Hyesung’s after concert party


edited: add gif of babird and mabird.


forever supportive..

[FANACCOUNT - THE BIRDS] 140101 Hyesung’s after party was extra happy. Junjin went for it, and the group drank until the place closed at 6am. When they came out, you can see Hyesung has had a bit too much to drink. He pulled his hat very low and was supported by Junjin. Junjin really took care of him, very hardwarming. 

(sr 宅女七七) via @tuchoong​ 


Andy: “One day Eric fell asleep in Hye Sung’s room and of all days, that day Hye Sung had drunk and came home. Curious as to what would happen, all of us watched. For 1 hour, Hye Sung in his drunken state, emptied out his innermost feelings to the sleeping Eric. He confessed things like “Eric-ah, I don’t hate you,” etc. I remember at that time we had to keep ourselves from laughing.

In particular, usually if one of the members is sleeping, the other members do not put the covers over him. But on this day, Hye Sung tucked in the sleeping Eric in his (Hye Sung’s) bed and he (Hye Sung) slept on the floor.

As it turned out, Eric wasn’t asleep and had heard all of Hye Sung’s words.
The next day, Hye Sung thickly stated “Don’t sleep in other people’s room.”
Eric coyly confessed “Hye Sung-ah, I also like you””




awww~~ i really love RicSung relationship~
i like the fact that although they don’t really talk much to each other, but we know they have the love for each other~ (click here to view the video!!!) 3.20mins

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randomly saw this post which i’ve posted in my personal blog a year ago on my dash today~ (amazed by the number of notes~) lol keke~ all the ricsyung lovers around tumblr~ 

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Once in a lifetime 
Fly to the stars
Theres no denying, just believe in who you are
Once in your lifetime
Let me take you there
Cause you don't have to feel all alone
You know I'll be there

[Fan Account] Random translations from fan accounts of Hyesung’s 30 Dec concert


- Hyesung said he was nervous from the opening till the first talking segment, and said in times like this, he should drink water. And “Everyone will scream when I drink water right? I know.”
- Also asked if there’s anything different about him. And said he took 12 hours to bleach his hair.
- “It snowed during last year’s concert, it didn’t today? Was the weather ok? Everyone came carefully right?”
- After singing “This Love”, commented that it’s tiring to sing something that was originally sung by 6 people alone.

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[Trans] Minwoo X10MAS concert members video


Shinhwa member speak! Lee Minwoo is?

Eric/Junjin/Hyesung: Hello! We’re Shinhwa.

Question: Lee Minwoo’s relation with yourself?

Hyesung: I am, to our Minwoo, the person who, for the 16th year, has been teaching him dance, dance teacher Shin Hyesung. 
Junjin: I am, for more than 17 years..sort of like a (same aged) friend, if you search on the net, it shows 28 Jul 1980, still unable to reveal that irregularity…Junjin. 
Eric: Hello. I am Minwoo’s psychological support, Eric.
Hyesung: You’re lying! Our Lee Minwoo! M! M-style~
Junjin: Sincerest congratulations on his 10th anniversary Christmas concert!
Eric: We only matched at “da”!

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